Valve Sucks

Apparently Valve is planning to remove Lewd games from Steam… Download Huniepop / Nekopara before it disappears!

Not sure why they’re doing that after all this time, There is an age-gate and “Nudity”, “Mature” tags are applied to similar games that can easily be filtered if some easily-triggered people don’t want to see.



Greetings, programs!

Been a while since I wrote something so (re)started this web log for the 100th time probably; but I doubt anyone will read this though.

I guess I’ll be posting something here from time to time since I’ve purged all of my social media accounts and severed contacts with most all “interwebs” folks I used to hang with.

Been exclusively playing Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition since it launched (2 months!) in my free time and bought the new God of War (even though I have had sour experience with QTEs of God of War III); read that the gameplay is different in the new game.