Piano and Music Theory Progress Update #1

Since November last year, I’ve been slowly trying to wean off my addictions1 and get my life in order. I’ll be 30 in a few more years and I have no skills or hobbies or even memories I should proud of.

I set a few goals I’ve decided to follow through and one of them involves learning a music instrument. I picked Piano (been wanting to learn since I was a kid.. did go to a ‘keyboard class’ when I was 10, but all I learnt was the very-basic swara [sa re ga ma] and playing some local songs using it. There is also this failed attempt at learning a guitar in my late teens).

I decided that I should only buy a Piano if I can stay motivated for the next couple of weeks while learning the basics of music theory. I’ll be exclusively learning western classical (have enough resolve to keep distractions to a minimum).

Most internet forums and the piano sub-reddit suggest finding a proper piano teacher. I did ask around and search but there are none near my home’s 10 kilometer radius which teach proper western classical, let alone music theory. So I decided to self-study. Searched a few resources online and found a YouTube channel and a website which explain music theory and piano pretty well. I also ordered this book since it was most recommended online (even by piano teachers apparently).

My progress so far in the last 3 days:

  • Keys on a piano (CDEFGAB), Tones and SubTones (C♯, B♭, E♭, etc.)
  • What a Staff, Clef, Ledger Line, Bar Line is.
  • Note Duration and Rest Duration.
  • Basics of Augmentation dots, Tenuto ties, Time signatures, Simple & Compound time.
  • Formulas for Major Scale and Minor Scale (Natural, Harmonic & Melodic) and how to construct them.

By the end of this week I plan to learn:

  • What tonic, supertonic, subtonic are.
  • Basics of Key signatures.
  • Intervals.

I want to be able to read simple sheet music by the end of this month and then buy an actual instrument. Was looking at Casio Celviano AP-260 (if budget permits at that time) or Casio Privia PX-150.

Will be posting an weekly update here on my progress …helps me review what I’ve learned and set weekly goals. Taking down notes (and doing exercises) when watching lessons online helps too.

I hope I can play first movement from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata by the end of 2015. I’ll need to practice daily and I will. :-)

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